Friday, September 18, 2009

This one will be chapter 17 when I write my parenting handbook.

Today was yet another test-filled adventure day! Apparently, the neurologist is a bit more concerned about the heartbeat sound in my ear than I am. Truthfully, it's been there for two years now and I use it as a measure to determine my stress level.

To be quite honest, having your heart beating in one ear and the other one making you dizzy, it's like a really bad date...possibly one involving roofies.

But, they just won't take no for an answer when you go in with something weird. So, off for the CT we went! But of course, I won't know anything for days, probably.

Good times...

Between that and the MRI's, (yes, that is plural. We're talking about FOUR here. FOUR. I'm going to owe the GDP of some small country by the time this crap is over) I've spent more time inside of donuts than I would ever care to admit.

But at least it's not going to my thighs.


The best part of today's trip actually had nothing to do with all of that. It was one of these pivotal moments in the parenthood experience when you realize, 'that one? He's not marching to the beat of a different drummer; he's his own one-man band.'

I got to my neighbor's to pick the boys and she's frantically running through the house, "Where's Bonus?! We can't find Bonus! We've been looking for him and he's no where to be found!"

Fortunately, upon driving in the neighborhood, I noticed that my garage door was open and the dog was no longer in the house. Two tale-tale signs that Bonus was home. We live a block from each other and you can see my house from hers so it's not like it's a long trek. I grabbed Deuce and stomped home.

Bonus was home. He was sitting on the couch, with a bag of tortilla chips and a bottle of water, watching cartoons with his dog by his side.

Me:  (In a not-so-subdued tone) "DUDE! What are you doing?!"

Bonus: (As if I had just asked him about the weather) "I'm watching TV and eating a snack." (Duh, mom.)

Me: (Still not-so-subdued) "Why did you leave Shishi's?! You can't just leave!"

Him: "I was hungry and decided I wanted some chips."

Where do you go with that one? I honestly didn't have an answer for that response. We did have a long lecture on stranger-danger and all of that and at the end he informed me that he's a good jumper.

So I told him that I liked Cheetos, too.

I think it went well.


bernthis said...

well done, my dear, very well done

dancing_lemur said...

Look on the bright side: the profits from your parenting handbook will pay for the therapy.


Amy said...

Hum. My heartbeat is in my left ear often. When I'm pregnant it drives me CRAZY cause it's extra bad. Ususally if I sleep on that side it helps, but I can't sleep on my right side when it's doing it. Maybe I need tests!

Bonus is so cool.

Jacki said...

I have the heartbeat thing in the ear too!!!
My theory, I've gained too much weight and should probably do something about that; or I'm getting older.