Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, so last week we are going to the park. (Go ahead, pat me on the back…I am.)


I’m packing the little snack bag (kudos for the snack bag here cause I ALWAYS just send my hungry kids over to my friend’s snack bags and pretend I can’t hear them asking for food…just ask Jessica, Lisa, Jae, etc.)


Bonus walks in the kitchen, looks up at my apron hanging on the inside of the pantry door and says, “What’s that?”

Me: “That’s an apron.”

Bonus: “What’s an apron?”

Me: “It’s for cooking. You know, you put it on and it keeps you from getting food on your clothes when you’re cooking.”

Bonus: “Then why do you have it?”

::shrugs his shoulders and walks away::


See what I mean about the advanced sarcasm?! I totally wouldn’t have thought of that until the next day…

Shhhh…it’s a secret key for a reason.

You know when you’re sitting at your computer enjoying that last warm cup of coffee and giggling over all the blog posts you missed by being out of town and all the sudden your mind is flooded with that ‘mommy sense’ that you haven’t heard your kids fighting in a while…


…yeah, I’m there right now.


But don’t fret, Bonus just came in the room to inform me that Deuce was locked in the bathroom, but it was okay because he was able to move a chair to the dresser, climb on top and reach the ‘secret key’ above the door.


See? Sorted. This parenting thing is soooo much easier once you teach them to fend for themselves.


Which also reminds me of something I’ve always wondered about. What if someone is chasing you through your house to kill you and you run to the bed room to lock yourself in there and call the police but as you are dialing 911 the murderer opens the door because he found your ‘secret key’ that you had so stealthy hidden above the door to ensure your kids wouldn’t be locked in another room while you ignored them worked on your writing and sipped your coffee. Then what?! I need to go move that damn key again.

Bet they would never look under the mat.