Sunday, August 22, 2010

Send your donations for the basement fund now...

Setting: The kitchen. I'm cutting an apple as Deuce aka "Coopy" starts his 20-questions routine for the evening.

Deuce: "Momma, how does a hot air balloon go the direction you want it to go?"

Me: "Do you know what altitude means?"

Deuce: "No."

Me: "At different heights, or altitudes, the winds go in different directions. When you're flying the balloon, you can sometimes ascend, or go up, and go in one direction or you can descend, or go down, and go in a different direction. But you can't really control your direction, only your altitude or height. Does that make sense?"

Deuce: "No."

Me: "Okay...what part didn't you understand?"

Deuce: "What does 'sense' mean?"

Me: *sigh*

Deuce: "Momma, did you know that two plus two equals seven?"

Me: "Yes, Deuce. That does make sense."