Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Voices...I haz em

Last night I had the privilege of attending (and sitting 12 rows from the stage) at the Yanni Voices concert and let me tell was one of the most impressive concerts I've seen.

And I was at Michael Jackson when I was five. So there.

Granted, with seats pretty incredible, but this one was truly a show.

I had seen the preview at Blissdom '09 and thought it looked 'pretty neat' but didn't see myself ever actually going. Then I saw the ads online for it and a poster in the bathroom at a stadium and was a bit surprised. Actually, to be accurate, I grabbed Jennifer's arm and drug her over to the wall yelling, "I SAW THAT PREVIEW AT THE BLOGGING CONFERENCE AND LET ME TELL YOU...THOSE TWO GUYS ARE SUPER HOT!!!"

The other restroom attendees were not nearly as impressed as Jennifer pretended to be.

So when the One 2 One Network ladies emailed me* and invited me to the concert...let's just say I knew who I was taking.

This show? Was much more impressive in person than any of the previews or PBS specials. It would have truly been the most perfect date night; with all the hot guys and sexy women up on stage. Jennifer wouldn't let me put my arm around her though. She might be a little bit uptight...I'm not sure yet.

There was dancing (on and off pianos), amazing musicians who not only were true masters of their instruments, they were performers as well, and of course the singing. Let me tell you, the singing, was so much better than I had ever imagined! These performers are artists. I can see why Yanni said that he was proud every time they walked out on stage. It was quite a show.

Not only were the singers incredible, gorgeous and wonderful performers, they were truly sincere people. I can say that truthfully as I MET THEM AFTER THE SHOW!

(All but Yanni. I think he was worried about falling in love with me. I can't say that I blame him. After all, I don't know how the boys would do on the tour.)

However, I did get a hug from Ender and let me tell was about as wonderful as you ladies would imagine.

I was going to let him know that if this whole "Yanni thing" didn't work out, I'm in need of a cabana boy. (I'd build a cabana for him, trust me.) But Jennifer wouldn't let me. Something about 'embarrassing her enough already', I'm not sure...

*No bloggers were injured (or paid) for this post. It is solely the opinion of the writer...and her opinion is the only one that matters anyway. ;)