Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just another day to Bonus

Bonus survived his first day of kindergarten, but the rest of the week is still up in the air.

Here's the thing. You know how everyone warns you that 'the kid will be fine, you'll be crying', or 'he's going to be so excited and part of you will feel dead' know, helpful advice. What they left out was 'he's going to come home exhausted and be a jackass for the entire day, OH and next will be worse'. I could have used that advice ahead of time, thankyouverymuch.

In my last post, I told you about his independence. He's always been like that.

First Day of Mother's Day Out

(Note the flower in his hand for his teacher...that one's going to be just fine.)

The first day of school was no different. He marched out the door with his backpack and lunch box, hopped in the car and chastised all of us for taking too much time.

He did let me snap a picture first though.

Even though it's a fake smile, I'll take it.

Dropping him off proved to be much more of a crush to his pride. I almost felt bad subjecting him to this sort of torture, but it's all for the blog, yo!

Deuce is sad because 'big bwudder' is 'weaving'.

(I should probably put up a pay pal link for Bonus's therapy. Afterall, it's because of you guys I force them to hold still for this.)

You know how it takes parents FOREVER to leave their kids on the first day? I was trying to slip the teacher $10 to take Deuce too. (Bonus was not amused.)

We are totally ruining this kid's 'street cred'.

(For the record, Deuce cried the whole way home and then carried Beaux's frog and pajamas around all day. That one's the softie...)

I gave in and let him ride the bus home. He was so excited that I think it would have been worth it even if he had gotten off on the wrong stop.

As soon as he got off the bus he said, "Momma, where's Deuce?"

And this is how I know that he will not only do well in kindergarten, but we will as well.

Is it Monday yet?