Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Moment for Maddie

Today there is no funny. Check back tomorrow.

Today, is purple. Purple is the color of Maddie. Our little bloggy baby who is being laid to rest today. All the supporters are turning purple to let others know about her.

I wish I could post something uplifting, inspirational, or even thought provoking. But I can't. For once, I am at a loss for words. Everything I have written feels empty. I have never 'been there' and am more than thankful for that.

I have questioned 'why' more times than I care to admit and am honestly scared to keep searching. I have always believed in a 'big picture' scenario and yet, I can't fathom it right now. In the midst of this horrible grief that surrounds my internet home. My twitterland. All has turned purple and sad. There is no hope, no peace, no condolences. For how does one console another who is experiencing a loss so great, so unfathomable and one of which we all fear to speak. We can only share our grief and send our love monetarily, in hopes that another family will be saved from this grief or help the Spohr's cope with this burden. I know I will wear my bracelet proudly.

I can only change my blog color and pass on some links to others who have found the words to express by either personally experiencing it or knowing the family. I encourage you to read over their words and say a prayer for Maddie's family, Heather and Mike Spohr. I know I will hold my boys a little tighter and cherish every moment a little more.

Thank you, Maddie. You have given me pause when I wanted to raise my voice to them and made me stop to realize that those two knuckle-heads are the most precious things in the world...even when they're ruining my house.