Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad (stuffed) Dog

The Big Dog has now brought on a whole new level of genius. He's got me reprimanding his stuffed animals. I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I'm pretty sure he's off somewhere snickering.

We're at a McDonald's birthday party for a friend's daughter. Big Dog decides to start playing siren. Sure, all the other kids are loud too, but his is a screechie kinda loud.

Me: Sweetie, it's a bit loud in here for you to be screeching.

Big Dog: Mommy, dat makes no sense. If it's woud, den I'm doing wite.

Me: Yes, I see your logic, but you're much too loud. Please stop with the siren.

Big Dog: But mommy, it's not me doing it. It's de toy puppy.

Me: Okay, well tell the toy puppy to stop it.


Me: Dude. I told you to stop with the siren. Why are you still doing it?!

Big Dog: No, you told de puppy. He's in time out now and he's stopped. Dat time it was me.

Any suggestions out there?!