Sunday, January 27, 2013


First, let me say that Dorkfish has officially been renamed. He's now Captain America. My Beesh gave him the nickname and not only does it fit him perfectly, but he's finally stopped fighting it and has embraced the new title and has let it go to his head.

So, this morning, I am helping Bonus get caught up on an entire week of classwork and homework because he was out sick with RSV and bronchitis. Not only is he just as ADD as I am, *SHINY*, but he's not at all motivated to excel in school. Third grade has been very rough on him and we are currently seeking help. But I digress...

While I'm trying not to pull my hair out to help my wonderful son with is work, Captain is upstairs in the attic shuffling through old photos. I am feverishly googling "how to find the area of a trapezoid" while Bonus is drawing pictures of me trying to figure out his math:

If you need clarification, I am on the left with my arms in an exasperated posture and a question mark in my thought bubble. Bonus is on the right, scratching his head and thinking, "What's wrong with her?" Obviously, we both agree that it is time for a tutor...

Just as we are finally getting somewhere and almost finished with the TWELVE math problems that have taken us TWO HOURS TO COMPLETE, Captain saunters over to the table with a handful of photos to distract us distract us. Deep in the stack, we came across this one:

 This picture was taken in 1998 when Captain was touring the country in a 30-foot RV, flying hot-air balloons in a different city every weekend, advertising for GM Goodwrench. I had flown down to Mississippi to meet him at a rally in Natchez. This afternoon, he was launching the balloon on the banks of the Mississippi when this dog strolled up. He wasn't scared of the balloons, nor any of us. I began bugging the Captain to let me take him to his house since the address was on his collar, but he was too busy launching a hot-air balloon on a river to pay attention. Pfffft. Naturally, I did what any rational person would do with a stray dog. I put him in the truck and named him DingoDog. He seemed to like the name AND the Captain's Ray Ban's.*snicker*

DingoDog went on the hour-long chase with me, sitting in the passenger seat with his tongue hung out the window and a big smile on his face. We got waves from every car we passed and odd looks from the other chase crews since we didn't have a dog prior to the launch.

Once Captain landed, DingoDog happily ran over to the balloon to greet him and celebrate his successful landing. The Captain was less than pleased that I had brought this four-legged crew chief along for the chase. Honestly, this should have been his first warning that Idon'tlistenever. However, he did agree to my pleas for a photo opp, with him being the Captain and all...

Obviously, he is just as pleased that I found a sidekick... (notreally. That's his 'smileforthecameraeventhoughnothingishappy' smile.) I've learned it well over the past 12 years.

After we packed up, DingoDog happily hopped back in the RV and we headed back to his neck of the woods. Sadly, his family wasn't home to hear of his adventures, but we left a note. He trotted back into his yard and seemed to smile at us in gratitude as we pulled away.

DingoDog, the original yard gnome adventure.