Thursday, May 12, 2011

A (Bent) 'Tail' of Two Puppies: Part 1

After my mom passed away, I decided that the next dog we owned would be an Italian Greyhound. Mom had owned two and they were the best dogs. (Okay, one had health problems and the other preferred to potty inside.) But their dispositions and attitude and cuddlebility (totally a word, hush) was just perfect. This would be our next pet.

I am a firm believer that there are too many homeless pets out there and adoption is typically the best option. However, the last dog we rescued was a German Shepherd who was terrified of kids and being left alone. Not really a good fit for a growing, busy family. Also, considering my mother's pet store (probably puppy-mill) dogs both had health issues, I decided that it would suit our family best to find a local breeder. When I found that the most recent litter had been born the day after my mom's birthday, I was convinced it was time.

Time for the scheming to begin. Heh.

So, I casually mentioned it to Dorkfish. "Hey, baby, don't you think Molly would be happier with a companion?" I would ask while batting my eye lashes.

Sadly, his response was always the same, "When Molly dies, we aren't getting any more pets."

Fortunately for us, I am an optomist and realized that what he was really saying was, "We better get another dog before she dies because we will be too forlorn to get one after." It's a good thing I can translate 'man talk'.

I had already gotten my animal lover, Bonus, excited about 'helping Molly by getting her a puppy' so that was sorted. Deuce hasn't ever really taken notice of animals, so we left him out of the equation. I even took Bonus to the pet supply store so we could discuss all the things a puppy would need. As we walked in the door, he spotted the kitten adoption area. Immediately, he was struck by a little, black cat that he just knew Molly would love. Ironically, this little encounter sealed my 'gotta getta puppy' campaign...

As soon as Dorkfish got home that afternoon, I cautioned him that Bonus had found a kitten that he REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY WANTED and to proceed with caution. When Bonus came in and began his kitten begging, Dorkfish said the phrase I know he now wishes he could take back, "Bonus, I would rather have a puppy than a kitten." (In case you need translation, that means 'I want a puppy'.)


The next step was to figure out how to pay for this puppy and smuggle it into the house. Ironically, this step worked itself out when I told my bestie "My Beesh" as I lovingly call him, that I wanted to get the family a puppy for Christmas. I'm still not sure if he bought the puppy because he loves us and considers us his family or to get 'one up' on Dorkfish in their 'I got you first' game... Regardless, the 'gotta getta puppy' plan all came together nicely and I picked up 'Thunder Pup'! Our first 'new addition'...

To be continued...