Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Stronger Sex

I am realizing fully why God made women able to put their own illnesses aside to take care of their family. In times of need, we mom's are able to put aside our own aches, pains, sinus infections and annoyance with the fact that the Christmas tree is still standing AND LIT UP, ahem, to make sure that our patients are comfortable and without want. But occasionally, we have to leave a few tasks up to the other parent such as packing the toddler's lunch so he could go play at a neighbor's house while you accompany a friend to the doctor.

I give you the lunch that Dorkfish packed for Deuce:

It's the perfect lunch box for the three-year-old junkie. Hidden under the drugs, is a bag of goldfish, some cheese crackers and a hot dog.

You know, for the munchies.