Monday, May 18, 2009

There is a reason that dog was only $40 and a six pack.

I know, I know...I've neglected all you faithful readers.

I suck.

There. Feel better? too.

So, we've got some BIG! NEWS! here at the Davis house.

But the BIG! NEWS! will have to wait because I have some super important stuff to tell you first. (The story doesn't have an ending yet and cliff-hangers aren't really my thing...sorry, you'll have to wait.)


So, the other day I was out front with the two boys. A neighbor that I hadn't met yet walked by with her dog. Molly, our porch hound, started going nuts inside the house. I have noticed that she does this mostly when another dog gets near 'her boys'.

The neighbor, who was a bit startled by the bellowing from inside the house, took a couple of steps back and inquired about my ghetto alarm system. I explained that she is a 10 year old hound dog and pretty much only barks when the wind blows, or someone decides to walk past her field of vision, or when you yell "SQUIRREL!" Although lately, she seems to get much more upset now by other dogs getting too close to her children.

About that same time, I remembered an email that was sent to me recently about dog training. For some reason, diarrhea of the mouth kicked in and I decided to tell this complete stranger that in the email it said that if your dog is protective of your kids, it means that the dog thinks you are doing a bad job of protecting them. As those last few words resonated in my ears, I realized the impact of what I was saying to a. perfect. stranger.

Because I needed parenting advice from my dog...

...maybe we can help each other keep our fat mouths closed.