Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To get my mind off ALL the batman underwear I've had to wash in the past 3 hours despite the fact I've reminded him EVERY 30 MINUTES to GO POTTY...

Today is much more than Cinco De Mayo (although with the above title, you KNOW how I will be celebrating this holiday)...

Today, my favorite author's fourth book has hit the shelves!

If you've been following me for a while, you'll remember the time I got to meet her; and subsequently embarrass myself.


In fact, you might have read some jealous tweets about another dear friend receiving a surprise in the mail...

But I'm totally over that.

Well, I was until I saw this picture on her facebook page this morning:

Now I'm a bit jealous again.

But as soon as I can leave the house without worrying about someone else's bladder...I'm buying my book, dammit.

Honestly, all three of her previous books have made me laugh so hard I had to lay them down to compose myself.

Hell, I check her blog more than I do my own voice mail! I am not exaggerating here people. Forget about the silly vampire stories, GO! BUY! JEN! (And buy me some gin while you're at it...)

MIA....or "I'm in potty training HELL, so check back later.

No, I haven't left you all. Last week, I took Deuce to the doctor for his three-year check up and her only concern was that he is still in diapers.

I assure you, just as I did her, it has nothing to do with his ability, but rather my lack of patience with that sort of thing.

When I trained Bonus, okay, actually, he trained himself. I kid you not. The little 28-month-old walked into the living room and said, "I no wear diapers." I said, "You can't pee in your pants then." He never did. He never had an accident during the day or at night. We went with the naked-kid route for a week where he peed in the potty if inside and 'watered the plants' when outside. But that was it. No worries.

The littliest one here is a bit different. He doesn't like being naked; which may or may not have something to do with his brother pointing at his pee-pee every single time. (It's honestly the only reason I get dressed around here too, so I can relate.)

So I decided that today is the day. Come hell or yellow-colored water, we will be done with diapers this week.

There will be tears, there will be a shortage on the East Coast of paper towels, and I may be out of wine in two days...but dammit here we go!


I hate potty training.