Monday, April 27, 2009

A peek inside a typical morning at the Davis ranch

Scene: Spongebob is on, coffee’s brewing, grandmother (Mams) is constantly asking questions about who the TV characters are, kids are still in p.j.’s trying to wake up and the dog went back to bed.

Dorkfish: “Bonus, Spongebob just broke Patrick’s bassinette.”

Me: “Bassinette? Dude, that’s a cello. Do you even know what a bassinette is?!”

Mams: (Dying laughing)

Dorkfish: “Well, that’s what Spongebob called it!”

Me: “Well then. I guess I’ve been calling that baby carrier thingy the wrong name all along…”

Mams: “Maybe it was a viola.”

Me: “Isn’t that the thing in the back of your throat?”

Mams: “No, I think that’s your vulva.”

Me: “No, that’s the maker of my car.”

Dorkfish just walked off. But I get the feeling he may have a better idea of where I get it from…