Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jack of all trades...seriously, who am I kidding?

Since giving birth to Bonus over five years ago, I have learned many things about myself.

  • Being raised by a bachelor, I truly don't notice a messy house, extra newspapers laying around, funny smells in the fridge, etc. However, having lived as  a bachelor for many years, Dorkfish is determined to not repeat that. Living with me is a daily struggle for him, I'm sure.
  • God gave me boys because I am eluded by the appreciation of most things feminine. (As I sit and type in Steve's boxer briefs and t-shirt with one leg thrown over the side of my chair.) Can you imagine if I actually had to fix someone's pony tail?!
  • I have a complete identity crisis and am compelled to start projects that are always over my head and beyond my ability; but I do them anyway. IE: Stained glass, sewing, painting, etc. My refusal to accept defeat has served me well, until we started potty training Deuce. Regression? I haz it!
  • When it comes to all things technical and mechanical, I CAN DO IT! No joke, see first point. However, when it comes to code, rss feeds, url's, and all that fun stuff, I'm a dumbass. Complete and total moron.

The point of this list was to let you lovely readers know that while I attempt to transfer this smart-ass happy little blog over to Wordpress and then onto my REAL! LIVE! domain, there will be might be a few technical difficulties.

Because apparently my brain shuts down and the mere mention of CODE.