Friday, May 29, 2009


Bonus, being the independent 5 year old he is, decided that last weekend, he would ride back to Tennessee with Granddaddy and spend the week there.

I hid my excitement warned him that he would miss us and have to stay all week until Dork Fish finished working so we could come and pick him up.

He hid his excitement insisted that he would miss me, but would be just fine.

He hasn't called once.

He hung up on me because he was, "Watching a English comedy" with my grandmother.

His brother has only asked about him twice and didn't seem too upset about the whole thing.

As I type this, no one is hanging on my shoulder, asking what each word is on the screen and insisting that I STOP TYPING RIGHT NOW AND GET HIM SOME MILK/FIX HIM ANOTHER WAFFLE/CHANGE HIS BROTHER'S DIAPER BECAUSE HE SMELLS LIKE THE DOG'S BUTT.

I guess you could say that it's been a bit peaceful.

But right now, Dora the Explorer is in stereo on both TV's while Deuce runs from room-to-room...


I think I'd rather be Bonus's bitch.