Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Communicable diseases are best when shared, right?!

As I predicted...we're infected.

And, as I predicted...Bonus DOES have MRSA.

Also as predicted...the rest of us have 'suspicious spots' that the doctor decided today were most likely MRSA as well. All of us, that is, except Deuce and the dog. If you ask me, one of them was the one who brought the plague upon this house. They are both now referred to as "Typhoid Tommy and Typhoid Molly". (Anybody ever see Twelve Monkeys?)

Next on the predictions...I'll inherit a million dollars from a long-lost aunt and be able to finally buy that much-coveted pink unicorn with a rainbow mane and jelly bean poop.

While I'm waiting, feel free to send money...or wine. I'm not picky.

But you might not want to come in. Just stand on the sidewalk and throw it in the general direction of the house.

You should be fine.