Tuesday, February 17, 2009

But First...

I’m working on a post for both, er, all of you faithful followers, but first this:

(Phone Rings)

Me: “Hello?”

Other person: “Hey, Amy! It’s Jessica! Do you want me to come get Bonus so he can play over here today?”

Me: “HELL YES! Wait, who is this again?”

So, Beaux is playing at a neighbor’s and I’m pretty sure I could find the house if I had to… In the mean time, Deuce is fussing about having to take a nap, but doesn’t know Bonus is gone, shhhh.

I am busy eating chocolate that I had to buy for myself because my husband sucks at holidays... Er, I meant to say that I'm writing a new blog post for you guys.

Bet you’ll never guess the topic…heh.