Monday, December 1, 2008

Breakfast at Davis's

Scene One: The Big One and the Littliest One sitting at the table eating breakfast. (Breakfast consists of two frozen waffles and some syrup with milk to drink.) -yeah, I know, Super Mom. Just hush.

Momma: "Boys, eat your breakfast now!"

Big One: "Momma, I ate all mine! It's poosy that won't eat."

Momma: "Hey, little buddy. You have to eat your breakfast. Do you want to grow up big and strong like your daddy and brother?!"

Littliest One: "Um, no."

Momma: "Come on, sweetie. Momma just wants you to eat."

Littliest One: "No, momma."

Big One: (whispering) "Listen, I'll eat your waffles for you and she'll leave you alone."

Littliest One: "O Tay!"


Big One: "Momma! Poose is finished! We're going to pway now!"