Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please don't pee in the pompas grass.

There are some things you should never have to say to your children. That title? I said that yesterday.


To both of my sons.

And have forever scarred the neighbor's precious little girl who despite having an older brother, has never seen a boy drop it and whiz in public.

Truthfully, I was secretly proud that he knew to use the bushes instead of the middle of the yard like he usually does. (That's called progress, yo.)

But at the same time, I think a little part of me was worried about the therapy bill that my dear friends will incur when that same little girl grows up.

Maybe she'll at least give Deuce a cool name in her memoirs.


jwbikes said...

You think just because she saw a penis she will need therapy later? No she will need therapy because she is a girl, and will single handedly destroy every male she come in contact with, because that is what girls do......wait, did I say.....nevermind. No wonder I am in THERAPY.

Amo said...


Just, wow.

You should try twitter. It's great for passive aggressiveness. ;)


The Stiletto Mom said...

I'll tell you the same thing I told another blogger the other day, until they pee in the topiaries at the mall? You have not lived.

Amy said...

I love your response to that first comment! Perfection.

My son did the same thing. Dropped trou in front of the neighbor girl (WELL after he was old enough to know better. I don't know what possessed him.)- and she only has a sister. So um...sorry about that neighbors!

Amo said...

@Stiletto: Seriously...topiaries?! I am bowing to your greatness.

@Amy: The first comment was from a friend. A friend that I take great pleasure in harassing. ;) But seriously, it's like the boys WANT the girls to know they've got skills. Skill to me, would be SITTING DOWN ALREADY. Geez, if I have to wash one more shower