Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Every night the Big Dog has a few questions for us. At first, it was his stall tactic to keep from going to bed. But now, it's become a tradition and he seems to really enjoy it.

Just so you know, he doesn't ask easy ones. There has yet to be a "Why is the sky blue?" or a "How does grass grow?" Nope. Never an easy question.

Tonight's question was, "How does a heater work?"

"Well, that's an easy one, buddy. First, you plug it in and the power goes through the plug to the coils. The coils heat up and then the little fan sucks the air from the back side and blows it across the coils, heating them up, and thus blowing out hot air."

Feeling pretty confident with my response, I flashed him an overly cocky smile and a quick pat on the knee. Little did I know what would come next...

"No, momma. I know how all that works. My question is, HOW does the electricity heat up the coils?"

"Um...How about another cupcake?!"

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Carrie said...

Yeah, try answering my princess when she asks when she is going to get to see Beaux again. Next time I am going to call you and YOU can talk to her. :)