Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day....EVERYDAY

I know many stay-at-home mommies out there. In fact, I pride myself on learning their tricks for survival and using my own sarcastic twist to keep treading water in this inevitable downward spiral called parenthood; which I am certain will eventually lead to my sons writing books about me.

I just hope they make me sound pretty; cause dammit, I try.

Most days.

But years ago (5 to be exact) I came to this conclusion. Each day of parenthood brings with it new surprises such as cute new words, precious hugs and fleeting glimpses into the reality of how quickly each moment passes. I find myself starting sentences with, "It seems like only yesterday," while making a mental note to never ever sound like an 80-year-old Jewish grandmother again. I struggle to remember when they took their first steps, their first words and even their damn birthday when caught off guard by strangers.

In a nut shell, it's an awesome experience to be with them every second of the day and watch them transform from the most perfect baby in the world, to precocious little toddlers and handsome little preschoolers. I want to remember each and every little word, giggle and smile.

But give me a damn break. Tell me I'm not the only one trapped in a Groundhog-Day scenario.

Every morning it's the exact same thing.

"I want waffles! No, not your waffles, the frozen kind! And I want milk too! MIIILLLLKKKK! Can we watch cartoons now? Can we? Huh? Plllleeeeaaaassseee?! NO! I can't go back to bed! I already wiped the icky stuff from my eyes and that helps me sleep! MOMMA, he's got POOOOOOOP! Change him NOW! He smells BAAAAD! I won't play with him cause he STINKS! I know you were sleeping, but I'm awake and you should be too! It's time to get up, Momma! Remember, you have to make me waffles! No, I can't reach the toaster to do it myself! Momma, that's a bad word."

Every. Damn. Day.

That groundhog's got nothing on me. I see my shadow every morning...with two shadows in tow.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for not leaving and enduring ground hog day, we would be lost without you.

I am grateful that you tolerate me. I am sorry I have screwed up yet again another Valentine day. I am trying to get it. I will, I love you. Your Husband.