Thursday, January 22, 2009

Had to be Said

Dear Admiral Title,

Did you really think that calling the mortgage company 18 hours prior to the closing to get the payoff was a good idea? I mean really? And does your totally incompetent staff not understand that if the number they are calling isn't working, they could use that fancy-pants internets thingy to look it up?! Even my grandmother knows that you can find anything on the internets. Ask her, I dare you.

Since when do we drag our feet on sending in the payoff? Hmmm? Let's see, these people are trying to sell a house in the worst economy since the Great Depression AND they are buying a home in another state in 14 days. Should we send it in now? The answer is YES. Hell Yes, even. Oh, and did I mention that when you drag your feet on sending in said payoff it causes the seller to incur a $70.81 late fee. (Of which they are planning on taking out of your behind should you not find it in your heart to refund it.) Please don't forget the power of bad publicity. Cause I fully intend to use it should this situation not be fixed.

With all due respect, I would highly suggest you get off your asses and do the job you are way overpaid to do.

Oh, and I had nothing to do with the flaming bag of dog poo. Molly is a bit upset herself.


The Davis Family

Taylor, Bean & Whittaker, you're on notice. Just keep that in mind.


bernthis said...

Stupid people will always be stupid no matter what the economy is like. It makes you want to rip your hair out, I know.

Amo said...

Bernthis -

Honestly, it gives me hope that if I am ever in a tragic accident and have permanent brain damage, I will still be able to find a job.