Tuesday, May 12, 2009

But next year, I want money.

*Thank you to all who made wonderful comments, emails and phone calls regarding my previous post. Each message truly moved me.*

I woke up Sunday morning and kicked myself in the pansy ass. I have two beautiful, healthy sons that need me right now more than anything. Especially more than my dead mom...

Deuce was the first one up. Since he's still sleeping in a crib AT THREE YEARS OLD, I snuck in there to get him up. As I laid him down to CHANGE HIS DIAPER BECAUSE HE REFUSES TO POTTY TRAIN, he whispered to me, "Momma, we made a card for you and it's under Beaux's bed! Daddy told us...not...to...tell...you."

His realization of spilling the beans as the words were coming out of his mouth had me in tears.

"It's okay, baby. I won't tell daddy that you told me."

As we snuggled on the couch, Bonus came hippity-hopping into the living room, grabbed Deuce by the arm and drug him back into his room. Within minutes, they emerged with a bag from Starbucks and a gift card. The bag had a slice of blueberry cake in it (which I am still shocked they hadn't eaten). Dorkfish had already told me that if he ever caught me paying that much for a cup of coffee again, he'd break my arms...so the gift card was obviously a difficult purchase for him. Romantic, we are...

Insistent that we were going to have fun dammittohell, I forced us all in the car and we headed to the store that I can't spend less than $100 in, Target. We perused every single isle and chanted "What's the best day in the world?!" "MUDDERS DAY!" We had the other shoppers in tears. It was awesome.

Oh, and the guilt trips...they were aplenty.

Me: "Bonus, please be nice to your brother. You don't want to make mommy cry on the ONLY DAY SHE GETS TO HERSELF, do you?"


Afterward, they took me out to lunch for burgers and fries. We all three sat on one side of the booth to end the I-WANNA-SIT-BY-MOMMA-ON-HER-SPECIAL-DAY argument. I have to admit, the sympathy I received from the wait staff was pretty amazing. Especially since my sons left their money at home and I ended up having to pay for lunch.

They will be living in my basement forever...

All-in-all, it was a pretty awesome day. They acted better than they ever have, we played more than we usually do, I bought them toys to play with and diapers to poo in...it was nice.

I might start to like this damn Hallmark Holiday after all...



Jill said...

Sounds like a good day... love the guilt trips!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I thought about you so much on Mother's Day and hoped that you would pull it together and spend the day with your boys. I was so glad to see the first couple lines of this blog. I am so happy that you are smart enough to not bottle these things in and move on.

You seem like a beautiful person, inside and out.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you had a good fake holiday.

Look at it this way - it's important to the kids to learn to do nice things for you on Mother's Day. Someday their wives will appreciate that training!