Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Babies Eat Boobies"...and other Beauxisms

Every once and a while, your child will come up with the most embarrassing statements which are usually nothing more than their perception of their world. They mispronounce words, they reverse the order of common names, they tell the preacher that, "Babies eat boobies", etc.

My oldest has always been the master of it. In fact, my husband and I are constantly second-guessing everything we tell him. Now mind you, we don't always tell him the exact truth on everything, simply because the truth is usually boring. We have gotten into this habit of making up answers to questions where we know the answer will take too long and probably be over his head.


Last week, Beaux was watching Molly bury a dog treat in the back yard. Of course, he wondered why she didn't just eat it...as we were wondering too. My husband proceeds to explain that Molly thinks if she buries her bone, a bone tree will grow there and she will have all the bones she wants. (He generally doesn't come up with the quickest responses, so I was actually proud of him for that one.) Well, Beaux, who is accostomed to our humerous (to us) responses, says, "Dad. Are you kidding?" Steve responded with, "Maybe. Why don't you ask Molly yourself."

As we walked off giggling to ourselves, I told Steve how bad it was of him to do that. He said, "Really?! Beaux told me last week that birds can sit on electric wires and not get shocked because they have rubber feet."


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