Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is My...well, you get it.

We have finally hit the tooth-loosing stage in the Davis household and let me say, it's about damn time. Bonus was so proud when the first one came out and he got to experience the magic that is the tooth fairy. Well, until I screwed up and he found it in my drawer the next morning...

While we're on the subject, this 'tooth fairy gifts' crap is something we all need to agree on. Giving your kid $5 or $10 per tooth is really just making the rest of us look like schmucks. I mean, what do you expect the rest of us to say when our kid comes home and asks why the tooth fairy cheated him out of $9? I will just go ahead and tell you that telling your seven year old that the tooth fairy must have needed it for gas and whiskey isn't an acceptable answer. So let's just get on the same page, drop a buck every time and move on. Mkay?

Lately, we have been having some 'dental issues' around here. Specifically, Bonus's front teeth started bucking out when his upper pallet hit a growth spurt. At first, it was kind of funny and he started calling them his beaver teeth. Then the novelty wore off and I found myself coaching him on how to hide them for picture day. I mean, look at those things:

For the record, he wasn't even trying to show them off....

On Easter, Deuce helped him out and kicked one of those bad boys out. Bonus was pretty angry yet I don't think I've ever seen Deuce prouder, "Momma! I knocked out one of Bonus's beaver teeth and he didn't even thank me!" Truthfully, that was the only way it was coming out since the kid wouldn't let us near it.

Sadly, that sigh of relief quickly changed to panic when the remaining beaver tooth went all hillbilly on us:

You can hear the banjo music, can't you?

I begged for an entire week for him to Just. Pull. It. Out. PLEEEEEAAAASE! Nope.

Then, a miracle happened. It was totally one of those awe-inspiring, hearing-angels-sing kinda moments. The dog jumped up and knocked it out. (Best. Dog. EVAH.)

So now we have this:

And as scared as I am to say it, I believe this is a grand improvement.

Now we just have to wait for the obnoxious adult teeth to come in and pray his lips will cover them...

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