Tuesday, May 10, 2011

200th Post! (But really, who cares?...)

You know how organized, well-planned, REAL bloggers other bloggers do a GRAND! GIVEAWAY! or offer a SPECIAL! DEAL! for their 200th post?

Yeah, I ain't them.

And that's why you love me.

So, my 200th post is going to be about sick kid crap from this week.

But at least it will be funny...

Remember last winter when the ENTIRE HOUSE contracted mono except Deuce? Yeah...we had a mono scare this week with him. Fortunately, it turned out to be most likely be a coxsackie virus. (Say that without snickering. Yes, I'm 12.) I think my favorite part of the entire adventure was when Dorkfish tried to convince Deuce to eat dinner by telling him he wouldn't get better without eating and that meant he would have to go back to the doctor to get blood drawn. Honestly, the kid was 12 hours away from that exact fate, yet I had managed to keep him from realizing it. Until. Then. (In case you're wondering, he did not eat his dinner. But he was terrified of going back to the doctor...naturally.)

The positive side to his week-long illness is being surrounded by concerned friends. For example, when I told my friend Carebear we were concerned he had mono and couldn't figure out how he didn't get it when we were all sick she said, "Well, it says something about his immune system. You better get him in boys scouts cause if we have a plague that wipes out all human kind, he is gonna live a few months by himself...he should know how to shoot a squirrel." (Touching, isn't it?)

Now that we are almost twenty-four hours fever-free, I feel confident in complaining that I only have FIVE MORE DAYS of him being in preschool and this whole sick thing has cost me TWO DAYS OF FREEDOM. Selfish, possibly. Self-preservation and his own safety, ABSOLUTELY.

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