Friday, December 10, 2010

So It's NOT Everywhere I Want to Go

Conversation with My Bitch last week:

Me: "So, my bank is forcing us to switch to Master Card."

My Bitch: "And..."

Me: "I really don't want to switch; I like Visa. Not to mention, Master Card isn't accepted everywhere."

My Bitch: "Like where? Where do you go that doesn't accept it?"

Me: (Trying to think up a quick example.) "Well, you know, like the Dollar Tree. They don't accept Master Card."

My Bitch: (Not even bothering to hold back the laugh.) "Could you repeat that, please..."

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Amy said...

Ha! I went to the Dollar Tree for the first time last week and they accept AMERICAN EXPRESS. I asked only because I didn't have cash and figured I'd have to write a check. So many places (this annoys me SO much) do not take AMEX, but Dollar Tree does???? How bizarre is that?

I'm going to start trying to shame the merchants who don't take AMEX. "What?! Even DOLLAR TREE takes Amex for pete's sake!" Losers.