Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, I'm writing, but thought you might like this intermission...

The past two weeks have been crazy busy with two trips to Tennessee, a wedding in Maine, several dog fights between the boys (and some neighbors) and a few hilarious one-liners from my famous-only-on-my-blog-that-she-doesn't-know-about-because-she-doesn't-get-the-internet(s) grandmother. (Yes, it's plural to her. Hush.)

However, while I'm writing all that up and adding PHOTOS!, I thought I would share with you all the moment I just had in the bathroom....

Setting: Master bathroom, me on the toilet:

Me: "Hey, dorkfish. (Yes, I do in fact call him that at home.) I'll give you one guess as to what I forgot to tell you what to pick up at the store!"

Dorkfish: "Bread."

Me: *blink, blink* "Let's just hope you keep your looks."

And now, back to my writing...after a half a bottle of wine to wash that moment out of my mind. Hey, one positive is that now all of you know he can NEVER say Deuce isn't his son!



jae said...

Now why would you want to wipe your a** with bread?!?

bernthis said...

what made you think of that while sitting on the terlit?

RWoolery said...

Cant wait for the photos and the stories. Matt got poison IVY on his feet the last night in Syracuse. We stayed up late talking and enjoying some cold ones next to my fire pit. When we went to bed Matt decided to sleep on the dog beds, who by the way are constantly in the poison Ivy so there you go a perfect ending to Matt's Vacation.