Sunday, August 2, 2009

My BlogHer Recap. (No, you didn't miss a thing. *Ahem*)

I've been holding off on posting after BlogHer to see what everyone else was saying. Each experience is unique as with any event and I always prefer to let something sit for a while before I write about it. (Yes, I'm a dork and no, I don't plagiarize. All this crap is really mine. I know, I'm sorry too.)

Thanks to U.S. Air and the president, I was eight hours late to the first round of parties. (Yes, I am still bitter about this.) However, I did get the pleasure of inspecting every inch of the Philadelphia airport. Surprisingly, I did not jump, although the thoughts were there. However, the transvestite who had just realized his/her laptop would play music and was serenading the entire concourse with techno rap, did make me question the validity of all the CSI shows I had watched and if I could really pull it off.

Fortunately, one of my roommates, Angie, was not only at the hotel waiting for me, she held my hand on the way to the bar. That people? Is real love.


When I finally arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorite bloggers. I especially loved the looks you get when you finally get the balls to go up and introduce yourself to someone who's blog could be your life story and you find yourself with a one-sided understanding that you simply must spend hours with them in order to compare notes and they, in turn, look at you like you have a third eye. That was a good time. It could have something to do with my approach, "HI!IT'SAMOFROMRAISINGOUTDOORDOGS!"

I doubt it though.


Much to my husband's delight, I finally got to meet Jenny and I think his exact words were, "GET ME AN AUTOGRAPH" but he was yelling into the phone as I was hanging it up, so I'm not completely sure what he was saying.

blogher 183

Isn't she gorgeous?! For the record, Mary Ann was taking this picture for me and she's apparently BIG on close-ups. *sigh* Jenny, is just as authentic and funny as she is on her blog. If you don't read it, then go add her to your reader now. I'll wait...


On Friday, I ate lunch with some amazing women. My dear friend, who has one of my favorite blogs, Mary Ann; a lovely Southern belle who I've admired since Blissdom and now love even more, Alli Worthington; my first blog crush and one of the most genuine famous people I have ever met (read: NY Times best selling author), Jen Lancaster; and Cassie and Mary, who I don't know well yet, but intend to because they were both just so sweet!

Anyway, we are all eating lunch when this woman walks up to us:

Fruitcake: "Hi. Do you guys make money with your blogs?"

Us: "Um, no." (Truth: They probably do. I do this for the glory. *snort*)

Fruitcake: "Really? Like no money at all?"

Us: "No. Not a dime."

Fruitcake: "Well then, I guess I'll sit with you anyway."

Us: *thunk* -the collective sound of our jaws dropping and anyone who knows me recognizes I cannot hide ANY facial expressions.

At that point, I tuned out and tried to pretend she wasn't sitting there make an ass out of herself. If you want to read the rest of the conversation, poor Mary Ann was stuck listening and recorded it in hilarious detail. (And for the record, Mary Ann wasn't joking on the 'cockatoo 'description.)


Did I tell you my business cards didn't arrive on time and I had to do the writing-my-name-on-a-bev-nap thing again? Yeah, that's professional. Also, I'm thinking it's becoming my trademark and I may just start doing that at every conference. (You've been warned.)


I found the amazing, Kelby Carr, at one of the parties and instead of a huge hug and a 'I'VE MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH' like I had been anticipating, I got this response:

Blogher 09 011

What's she saying, you ask? "I'm going to kick your ass if you don't come to my conference in Asheville." I kid you not people. If something happens to me...well, you know what I'm saying.


One of my 'beeshes' in Room 704 had been promising one hell of a party complete with swag bags full of unmentionables that belonged only in one's night stand.

I, came home with applesauce.

But honestly, with the hangover I was sporting the next day, I called it a win.


Stay tuned and I'll fill you in on the juicy details of the party at Poppy Buxom's roof-top condo. Don't worry, there will be pictures...(No, I wouldn't be jealous either.)


Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

I should be thanking you for holding MY hand! You helped me out of my shell (and the hotel room) on more than one occasion. I've been telling so many people about you getting applesauce instead of a vibrator. It's official, you're the Charlie Brown of Room 704 swag.

jennyonthespot said...

I love your recap! I am still stewing on mine. Still. I think I still have a hangover too :) You're lucky. You got a pic with Jenny - The Bloggess. I think I just drooled on her a little. :)

Ya going to go to the type-a conf? I am relly gonna try. Have my registration done, now... money for a room to "sleep" in and a plane ticket. *gosh*

DeeMarie said...

I'm still laughing about the applesauce!!
You should've found Jen and offered to trade...

Poppy Buxom said...

Hey, don't apologize for getting your entry up after everyone else. I got mine up a little earlier, but I haven't even begun to unpack my swag bags.

And my husband told me that while I was out today, he started clearing out our basement rec room and found a bag of swag from BlogHer07. Still unpacked. Full of expired coupons.

See? Don't start getting competitive, because if there's a lazy-ass lame-o award, I WIN.

Amy said...

You have a famous person face. You're gorgeous. You should quit blogging and go into news media or something.

The Stiletto Mom said...

God I suck as a photographer.

I love you though.

That is all.

Mary Anne

Carrie said...

You need to upload some pics of those faces you do, it is really impossible to describe your eyebrow thing and it is hilarious.

I am glad you had fun, I misses you ;)

Jessica said...

Me=Jealous. :)

shopgirl said...

OK - I get the award for commenting-on-this-so-late-it's-ridiculous! But anyhoo, just want to say Blogher 09 was a blast and you, my dear, are toooooo much fun!!

Can't wait to see all your photos - and soon I promise, I'll share mine as well!