Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacationing with the Davis''re jealous.

Alright, before this place becomes one big sappy Hallmark, I'll get back to the rest of our vacation story...


I realize I had left out one teensy little detail about the trip down. We stayed in a "clothing -optional community" visiting a close relative. By "clothing-optional", I mean, they choose the option of NOT wear anything.

Did I mention it's retirees?

No, there are no pictures. You're welcome.

I will share with you the two funniest quotes from that part of the trip though...

Deuce: "Momma! Dat man doesn't have on any pants!"

(Never mind the fact that NONE OF HIS FRIENDS DO EITHER.)

Bonus: "Momma, where do the policemen keep their guns?"


Once we got to Bonita Springs, FL, we ended up staying at the Hyatt Regency Coconut somethingoranother. Basically, a fancy-pants hotel where the luggage carts come equipped with your very own bellboy and a minor scrape is reason to call in the EMS. I am not exaggerating about this people.

Dorkfish had some sort of safety conference where they go on and on about 'slips and trips in the dairy isle', according to dorkfish's  coworker, Bag Boy Bob. While Dorkfish and Bobby were busy learning about the urgency of the wet floor signs, I was busy being judged as the 'trophy wife' because my father had flown down to join us. The boys loved having granddaddy there and I spent the entire week trying to work the story of Dorkfish's conference and MY DAD visiting into random conversations.


Because I think my dad's handsome and all, but that's just weird.

The hotel was so ridiculously fancy-pants, they had a three-story water slide and a separate resort with 3 more pools and a lazy river. Oh, and did I mention the private island?! Geez... If it hadn't been for the beauty of it all and the fact that I enjoy a bit of pampering on occasion, I would have been embarrassed by the lavishness.

But being served this little beauty during an afternoon downpour made me feel a bit better about it all:


But did I mention the ice cream?

deuce ice cream

(Would you look at those lips?! Between those, his eyelashes and hair it's no wonder people call him a girl.)

I've officially instilled in my sons the belief that daddy may roughhouse more, but mommy is much more willing to fork out the cash she snuck out of daddy's wallet a couple of bucks for the ice cream. (Incidentally, this may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Bonus told Dorkfish, "Mudders day is WAY COOLER than Father's Day." Heehee.)

Bonus icecream

(This is a total 'suckup' face. Don't let him fool you.)


There was even a stop by Daytona Beach to round out our holiday.

Because one can't get enough redneck in their lives staying at a Hyatt.

By the way, did you know that Budweiser bikinis and cut-off jeans were BACK IN STYLE?! Thank you, Daytona Beach. I needed a little pick me up.

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dancing_lemur said...

Both your boys are so precious! (I originally typed "beautiful" but then I remember what the post said about people thinking he's a girl and I didn't want to give you a complex. Heh.)

Have I mentioned I love the new header? Because I totally do.