Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bonus's Music Review - Part One

Every since Bonus could speak, he's been very particular on what music he liked. Fortunately for me, it was never 'kiddie music'. He always despised singing about giants or trains. ThanktheLord.

We went through a Led Zeppelin trip where we had to hear Black Dog on repeat every single time we were in the car. Not to mention his famous comment at the wise old age of 3, "Momma, if it's too woud, you're too ode."

(And as soon as he heard me open that video he came out of the cheap seats yelling, "BLACK DOG! DATS BLACK DOG! TURN IT UUUUPPPP!")

(Also, I just have to say that Robert Plant made low-rise look so much better than the chicks that wear them now.)

(And...did he have to shave that, or what?! Holy hell.)

Then came the Widespread Panic period where it was "NUMBER NINE, MOMMA! PUT ON NUMBER NINE RIGHT NOW!"

I am now in the process of hiding the Cherry Poppin Daddies CD so I don't have to hear Zoot Suit Riot one more time because I WILL loose my damn mind if I have to hear it AGAIN.

(But I put it here in case you can.)

So last week when I received a package from the One2One Network ladies, I was pretty ecstatic. Obviously, we will listen to anything and probably already own the CD have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

Besides being an awesome CD from a new artist, it is actually something Bonus agrees to hearing.

In fact, he let me take out his Leftover Salmon CD to review Diane Birch! (This is a major accomplishment....)

The CD they sent was Diane Birch's new album Bible Belt. I have listened to it while I cooked dinner, cleaned the house and even drove to the airport to pick up a friend. I have to admit, it's got a good beat to it, a nice mix of tempos and her voice is amazing. It is kind of a cross between Norah Jones and an early Linda Ronstadt sprinkled with a little Joss Stone. Overall, a nice mix.

The songs have a calming affect and would probably be best listened to with a glass of cabernet and a good book. Although, I didn't mind the 5 o'clock traffic nearly as much while listening to the CD.

Just for kicks, I let Bonus review the CD with me. He did a play-by-play account for each track.

1. Fire Escape: "Kind of a girl song."

2. Valentino: "I wike it. Now can I listen to Robert Plant and Allison Krause again?"

3. Fools: "I wike number two better."

4. Nothing But A Miracle: "I wanted to hear number two."

5. Rewind: "I still want to hear number two."

6. Rise Up: "If you don't turn on either number two or Robert Plant, I'm outta here."

7. Photograph: "Bonus, what do you think of this one? Bonus? Bonus?!"

I guess if you take the opinion of someone who prefers swing, you might not like it.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it.


*No, this is not a review blog and I did not receive any compensation for this review. However, if anyone would like to send me money to look over their stuff, like maybe some brownies, coffee or a new vacuum, we'll talk. ;)


dancing_lemur said...

Man, the kid has good taste in music! Panic, Leftover, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant...he's got a a career as music critic ahead of him. I beg to differ on the Zeppelin, though (I know, I know. My husband can't figure out why I can't stand them, either.)

Amy said...

The blog looks amazing! Love the header photo.

And this is like the best review EVER. He should review music as a regular feature.