Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I told you he was good...

Today, my oldest son impressed me more than he has since he found the gas leak at our neighbors house and the time he helped the little old lady out of the ocean without being asked.

A regular Lassie that kid is I tell ya.

A mom showed up at the park with her twin boys at about the same time Bonus decided he was thirsty. He ran home to get some water for himself and his brother (which him doing ANYTHING other than beating the hell out of his brother is a stretch so I was totally going to sniff the water first to make sure it wasn't toilet water or something. Although, how would you know if it was toilet water? Does it truly stink like one would just assume? Note to self: Buy blue thingies to stain toilet water.) I digress...

So, Bonus returns with four glasses of water; one of which had a sippy cup lid on it for his brother. The mommy of the twins was obviously impressed that my little gentleman had thought of her boys when getting himself water.

(I too was impressed and chose to praise him rather than sniffing everyone's water.)

See?! Just think, that little kid was the one who was compared to Dennis the Menace in less than a week in our last neighborhood.

Although, it's only fair to mention he did beat the hell out of a kid at said playground a few hours prior.

I'm sure he had it coming though.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, he's always been such a sweetie. Are you sure those weren't twin girls though? That sounds more like him....(insert smirk)