Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyday is a Saturday; some just suck like it’s Monday.

I’ve gotten so many emails asking where I’ve been this week that I am both humbled and totally shocked that anyone is still reading this crap wonderful writing that I pour my heart and soul into.


It rained here for five straight days. Do you know how long that is in kid years?! Like twenty. I think we’ve spent twenty years inside this house in the past week. I don’t do so well with a life sentence like that…


And preschoolers can smell exhaustion and it must smell just like that ‘fear smell’ that my dog picks up on when ever someone wants her to “play with their little Foofy”…neither goes well.


These two boys have pushed every single button that I have; and some I didn’t even realize were there. If you have been following me on twitter, you may have read some little gems like these:


“My 2yo keeps introducing himself to the people on TV but then gets upset when they don't respond. It's gonna be a long day...

And now he's crying b/c the girl scout on the Today Show didn't speak to him.

5yo sitting in a box, eating dry cereal. 2yo crying over nothing. Dog going from window to door whimpering. If the rain doesn't stop, I quit

2yo is now playing with the meat thermometer. Good news, my boobs are 90 degrees! I know you're jealous. On another note: GET ME OUTTA HERE!”


But the sun was out yesterday and so were we! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting some pictures this week that will most certainly have Bonus in therapy some day.


Let’s just hope he tells them I was pretty.


dancing_lemur said...

For your sake, I am glad that it stopped raining. Although the tweets were entertaining.

In other news, good job on the strikethrough!

Steve Davis said...

I'm glad you lived through it. I need dinner cooked.