Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Someone's Gotta Learn

Beaux has somehow decided that I am going to work when he starts kindergarten. I'm not sure how this idea started, but I'm assuming it has something to do with his response every time someone asks what his mommy does, "She takes care of me." That's it. That's my primary focus in life. Honestly it makes me feel pretty good considering I don't spend as much time focusing on him as I should.

I digress...

Today we are in the car and he says, "Momma, why can't you teach me stuff so I don't have to go to school?"

Holy crap. Soooo not my game.

Me: "Well, honey. Um...mainly because I don't know what to teach you."

Beaux: "Well, I need to know my wetters, numbwers, and...hmmmm. OH, I need help painting cause I'm still getting it all over my fingwers."

Me: (giggling) "So, you can't paint too good huh?"

Beaux: Well, it isn't dat I can't paint good. I'm a good painter. I just get it everywhere. OH, and I need to wearn to cook too."

Me: (tears streaming down my face now and doing my best to hold back a gut-laugh) "Why do you think you need to learn how to cook?"

Beaux: "It would just be nice to know. Dats all."

Yeah, now I KNOW I can't teach him anything.

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