Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Ever It Takes

So tonight I came to a realization. (This doesn't happen often, so work with me here.)

Some moms are just born nurturers and some are survivalists. I'll give you some examples.

Nurturing mom: "Oh, Johnny! You fell! Are you okay? Did you get a boo-boo?! Here, let mommy kiss it!"

Survivalist mom: "Dude! You're bleeding all over the damn carpet! Hurry, get the carpet cleaner that mommy uses for cleaning up her wine!"


Nurturing mom: "Sweetie, do you want to go play now while mommy fixes dinner?"

Survivalist mom: "Hey, you want nuggets again?"


Nurturing mom: "Honey, it's time for bed. You have to get a good nights sleep so we can have plenty of fun tomorrow!"

Survivalist mom: "Listen kid. It's almost midnight. Get in bed now! Trust me, it's for your own safety..."


Now, on a daily basis I find myself fluctuating between the two. On occasion, I have been both at the same time. But for the most part, I find success in a happy medium. You have to have enough of the loving side to get them to want to please you and a touch of the 'do it now' side to help them realize that if they don't...they'll regret it. However, I have friends that are on the drastic ends of both and their kids seem just fine.

So is a wet wipe bath really that bad???

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